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Series 81-00

Three four-axle diesel railcars were delivered in 1942 from the Hungarian manufacturer "Ganz" for servicing passenger traffic on the line Septemvri - Yakoruda. They were complemented by three trailers of the same type. The delivery was negotiated on December 9, 1939, but it was carried out in August 1941 and the railcars were prepared for trials later the same year. Due to necessary adjustments of the track between Septemvri and Velingrad, they were put to operation on August 10, 1942 and assigned the series 81-00. They consist of three attached cars, each equipped with six passenger seats second class in a separate compartment and 35 third class wooden seats in a common saloon. The two passenger compartments are separated by a technical and luggage compartment, a restroom and a heating room. Unfortunately, no pictures of the series 81-00 are available, but the railcars' exterior is identical to that of the 82-00 series, pictures of which are to be found below.
            Railcars of the series 81-00 were used for 25 years. There is not a single unit of them preserved to this day.

Series 82-00

82-04 railcar diesel narrow gauge septemvri dobrinishte cherven bryag BDZ бдж
railcar station Velingrad 1963 narrow gauge septemvri dobrinishte BDZ

In 1952, four more railcars were bought from the Hungarian manufacturer "Ganz", which were used  on the lines Septemvri - Dobrinishte and Pazardzhik - Varvara. The contract was signed on March 16th, 1949, but due to the lack of well prepared technical conditions by the Bulgarian State Railways and the consequent arguments with "Ganz" on the issue of the railcars' own mass, the delivery was postponed and they were put into operation in 1952-1953. They were assigned the series 05.0076 (82.00). Six passenger coaches were delivered as well, each having six second class seats and 34 third class seats. This makes 4 seats less than the previous series because of the increased length of the machine compartment by 900 mm.

Short video excerpt from the movie "Бъди щастлива, Ани" of BNT, in which a railcar of the series 81/82 can be seen on track near the station Tsepina:
82-01 railcar narrow gauge septemvri dobrinishte bansko abandoned BDZ
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